industrial floor ride on scrubber
Ride On or Walk Behind
Industrial Floor Scrubbers

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Clark Focus II Sit Down Scrubber

BOOST® Technology

Tight Turning Radius

Increased Down Pressure

Quiet Operation

Optional Chemical Mixing System

Flexible Cleaning Capabilities

clark focus 2 scrubber

Viper - Rider Scrubber

Ideal "first rider" for daily cleaning

28" cleaning path

26 gallon tank

Comes with 2 pad holders and 2 poly brushes

Cleans most flooring types: VCT, concrete, and tile

Maintenacne-free AGM batteries

viper scrubber

Clark - Mid Size Walk Behind Scrubber

Two BOOST models that can strip floors - chemical-free!

Larger tank capacity

24 Volt battery choices, wet or AGM

On-board battery charger

Optional on-board Chemical Mixing System

One-touch scrubbing controls

Quietest scrubber in the industry

Easy to maneuver

Easy to adjust squeegee with front/back urethane blades

Clarke Green Certified Equipment

clark mid scrubber

Clark - BSW 28 - Walk Behind

Active filtered dust control

Self-propelled power traction

Side broom for edge sweeping

Large hopper capacity

Gel battery power source

Power traction drives large non-marking wheels

Sweeps on slopes with up to 20% climbing capacity

No tools needed to change filter or brooms

28" sweeping path

2.5 - 3 hours of battery time

clark bsw scrubber

Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

Clark floor scrubbing machines are used to clean a variety of conditions and commerical and industrial environments. They can be used in healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, schools, etc. Clark industrial floor scrubbers can be used in all kinds of environments. The primary purpose of a floor scrubber is to safely apply cleaning solution to the floor, scrub the soils clean and then to efficiently pick up the dirty solution before the operator walks or drives beyond the area.

Our floor scrubbers are available in both walk behind (push), as well as ride on. Give us a call today to determine the right size scrubber for your needs.